Innovative solution for heating and plumbing system

Heating and water supply is most necessary components for all residential and industrial building irrespective of their purpose and the type of us. KPR & KOVI is one of the leading heating and multilayer pipe manufacturers in Korea offers best solution for setting up heating boilers and plumbing utilities through excellent quality and high technology.

A dream of healthy and comfortable life of mankind, KPR &KOVI is shifting this dream into reality. Kovi Korea offers its clients high-quality solid, liquid fuel and gas boiler heating system , solar collectors and plumbing system since 2003 with professional’s expertise in field of development, production, design and marketing. It has solid partnerships with Russia, CIS, USA, China and with other renowned global corporations.

kovi korea banner

KPR & KOVI brand boilers are flexibly manufactured to have a variety of fuels with varying capacities. The heating and plumbing system offered by Kovi Korea are

  • Small size warm water KOVI-SKW stainless steel steam boiler 10 ~82kw
  • Medium size warm water KOVI-SKW Boiler 58~600kw
  • Big size warm water KOVI-SKW Boiler 581 ~10,450kw
  • Wood/Pellet/Electric/Solar Boiler & Gas Parts
  • Burner & Spare parts
  • PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer Pipe
  • RPAP5 PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer pipe
  • Stainless Flexible Pipe
  • Under Floor heating Pipe

Advantages of using KPR & KOVI products

  • Direct supplier to the KPR Kovi plant, which gives a number of advantages for our customers
  • The customer receives the equipment with instructions adapted to Russian consumers also
  • High quality products and through direct communication with the plant, the possibility of changes and additions to existing products in the production under the requirements of the buyer
  • Have Russian-speaking person, for answering all Russian customer queries
  • Warehouse in Novosibirsk (Russian)
  • Customer Service support.
  • We offer best services to diesel, gas and other boilers in residential and industrial buildings
  • All products are certified in accordance with the EAC for Russia and CIS countries.

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