Overview of Hybrid Boilers manufacturer in Korea

Since 2008, KOVI-KOREA VISTA patent industrial Hybrid oil boiler & steam boiler manufacturer in Korea. We have general trading in Russia and sell industrial boiler and pipe materials.


Hybrid Boilers

Features of the Hybrid Combination Boiler

Two combustion chambers in a boiler

Since two separate fireboxes are installed in one boiler, both oil, and waste wood or fuel wood can be used as fuel at the same time, and heat exchanging capacity is not impaired by soot The boiler can be operated in three different modes; wood only, wood and oil, and oil only.

Easy-to-use boiler with automatic control function.

Since automatic controller for overheating, freezing and low water level is mounted, the boiler is safer than any other domestic models. In addition, since the air flow is adjusted by automatic damper that is activated by boiler water temperature detection, the fuel is burned more efficiently. This saves fuel and users do not need to constantly monitor the boiler.

High thermal efficiency boiler

Since the heat generated from the combustion chamber is exchanged through 3 passages, almost no heat escapes through the flue, hence the thermal efficiency of the boiler is higher than that of normal wood boilers.

Wider wood feeding entrance and combustion chamber

Wider wood feeding entrance and spacious combustion chamber allow less frequent fuel inputting operations.

Saving in fuel expenses by using a variety of fuels

The boiler is perfect for the domestic rural use since various solid fuels including wood can be used.

Vertical Smoke-Tube Boiler


  • Realize high effectiveness by the 3 –
    Pass combustion structure including
  • Sticking preheating device to supply
    Water into boiler by collecting waste
    Heat more than 5CPC and supplies with
    Water to boiler.
  • Advanced durability by removing dry
    Part of boiler for its life-time.
  • Simple and compact design that is
    Easy to install at a small space.


  • Automatic controlling system that all Functions are achieved perfectly and conveniently by single-touch.
  • Easy to manage and by repair by the manual control system.
  • High safety by the double or triple safety control system.
  • Great convenience to manage and operate by the built in type additional equipment which related to automation.

Place to use

  • Fiber / Sewing factory / Dye works / Socks fabrication plant / Bean curd factory / Brewery / sauna / Restaurant / Heating and hot-water supply / Chemical factory / Drying rack / Noodles / Baking factory etc..

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