Overview of Smart home pellet boiler and Smart far infrared pellet heater


Wooden pellet
Wooden pellet is the fuel processed in the form of small grains by compressing sawdust it is an eco- friendly fuel that does not generate additional C02, which causes global warming, and SOX, which is the main reason of acid rain.

Features of home pellet boilers

Mycom type convenient and proven controller

Home pellet boiler is easy to use like common oil boilers as domestic and controller instead of low-cost Chinese controller is equipped. The functions of backfire protection, low level detection and over-heating protection make the boiler safer.

Fast ignition and high durability of electrical heater

Special SIN heater is utilized to get the boiler ignited within 1-2 minutes and to consume low power. High durability ensures that failures such as circuit breaker short are minimized.

Eco-friendly high efficiency boiler

The boiler is equipped with the vertical 3-pass type flue that ensures higher thermal efficiency than any other domestic boilers. It does not smoke after ignition and operates very quietly.

Automatic cleaning of clinker and ash

The flue, and the ash and clinker in the burner are automatically cleaned by the actuator that has automatic sliding function, which allows easy boiler operation.

Fully automatic safety control system

The functions of dual backfire prevention, power interruption compensation, overheating protection. freeze protection, low water level detection, pellet fuel presence notification, heat storage tank control, going out control, repeating timer and explosion prevention ensure the safe operation of the boiler like a gas boiler.

Easy installation

The boiler is easy to install since the boiler shell, burner and hopper are separated, and the boiler is designed such that A/S activities can be carried out from the front of the boiler.

Automatic high efficiency burner

Heating value is 25,000 Kcal/h or more so that the boiler can accommodate the heating area as much as 132m2 (40 pyung).

Smart far infrared pellet heater

Features of smart far-infrared light pellet heater

  • More than 50 percent fuel saving compared to oil heaters.
  • Good for health, discharging human wastes and toxic metals and promoting metabolism.
  • Elegant interior environment is set with high quality boiler design.
  • Eco-friendly and almost no emission of smoke by adopting high efficiency burner.
  • Low ash generation (less than 1%) and cleaning once a week. (when 1st class fuel is used)
  • Automatic fuel feeding, automatic ignition and automatic indoor temperature control are achieved by the application of the controller with artificial intelligence micom.
  • The state-of-the-art safety systems are applied. (Dual overheating detection, backfire prevention, tilt sensing, fuel bottleneck detection, etc.)
  • The boilers can be used in a variety of places including churches, pensions, homes, offices, factories, golf courses and restaurants.

Kovi Korea Vista one of the leading industrial boiler manufacturer in Korea. They offer various products like Hybrid oil Boilers, Vertical Smoke-Tube Boiler,  Vertical medium sized oil and gas boiler, Fuel wood Boiler, Smart far infrared pellet heater, Smart home pellet boiler, stainless steel steam boiler, Industrial pellet steam boiler, Kovi Wall-mounted Gas Boiler, Small sized boiler made of Stainless steel/ iron.


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