Overview of Kovi Korea Vista Smoke Tube Horizontal Boiler & Industrial pellet steam boiler



Smoke tube type 3 – PASS combustion structure that win a realization 01 high thermal efficiency.

Advancement in quality and productivity by the large amount stock of steam and wide heat transmission space.

It is horizontal type combustion structure with long-range ot life-time durability. (Connection replacement is available)

Large combustion room and various kind of fuel combustion and secure the free burner selection.


Automatic controlling system that all functions are achieved perfectly by single-touch.

Easy to manage and repair by the manual control system.

High safety by the double or triple safety control system.

Simple structure for cleaning and routine check through the front and rear fan box.

Place to use

Product that using most in the large scale industry Fiber / Food factory / Bean curd factory / Brewery / Chemical factory / heating and hot-water supply / Sauna / Fish farm / Skinner / Hotel/ General hospital etc..

Industrial pellet steam boiler

Features of the industrial pellet steam boiler

Special burner utilizing movable grates

The state-of-the-art combustion system of movable grating allows easy clinker processing and continuous output.

Separate burner

The burner is separated from the boiler main body to allow automatic ash collection and processing, and easy maintenance owing to no sludge entering into the boiler main body. If the burner replaces the existing burner of common boiler, the same fuel cost saving effect can be obtained.

Automatic flue cleaning

Flue cleaning is made easy by mounting the automatic compressive air cleaning system.

Overhead fire tube boiler

Overhead fire tubing, which has been proven safe and efficient through the industrial use for decades. is applied to ensure safe operation and longer lifetime (not less than 10 years).

The safest boiler (The state-of-the-art safety device is mounted)

The design and construction inspection from the Korea Energy Management Corporation has been successfully completed. The automatic controller for overheating, backfire prevention, over-pressure prevention and upper limit of exhaust gas is mounted to provide the same safety level as gas boilers.

Large hopper can be mounted

Large hoppers of 4—10 tons can be mounted to provide easier fuel feeding and maintenance.

Kovi Korea Vista one of the leading industrial steam boiler manufacturers in Korea. They offer various products like Hybrid oil Boilers, Vertical Smoke-Tube Boiler,  Vertical medium sized oil and gas boiler, Fuel wood Boiler, Smart far infrared pellet heater, Smart home pellet boiler, stainless steel steam boiler, gas boiler heating system, Industrial pellet steam boiler, Kovi Wall-mounted Gas Boiler, Small sized boiler made of Stainless steel/ iron.


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