Kovi Korea Vista offers best solution for industrial heating and plumbing system


Heat and water are the base of all life. So Thermal heat is essential, depends up on the geographical position and period/season of the year. In addition to that, there is also a countless methodical processes that can be prepared through heat. Industries many processes function only with heat (industrial boilers) and water supply like the paper, building, chemical or textile industry and so on.

Kovi Korea Vista is one of the leading industrial boiler and multilayer pipe manufacturers in Korea since 2008. They are specialized in boiler/piping materials and offers high-quality industrial equipment with smart control systems, latest burner technology and well-organized heat recovery devices ensure to be eco-friendly, commercial and fully automatic boiler operation.

Kovi Korea Vista provides best solution for setting up industrial heating system/boilers and plumbing system through outstanding quality and technology. Kovi make a vision of fit and comfortable life of mankind and make way to shift the dream into reality by providing their clients excellent solid, liquid fuel and gas industrial boiler, solar collectors and plumbing materials with the help of professional expertise in field of development, production, design and marketing. They are also have solid partnerships with different countries like Russia, CIS, USA, China and also with many other renowned global corporations.

KOVI brand boilers are more flexibly developed to have different fuels with various capabilities. The boilers and plumbing materials offered by Kovi Korea Vista are

  • Hybrid oil Boilers
  • Vertical Smoke-Tube Boiler
  • Smoke Tube Horizontal Boiler
  • Vertical medium sized oil and gas boiler
  • Fuel wood Boiler
  • Far infrared pellet heater
  • Smart home pellet boiler
  • Agricultural and commercial pellet boilers
  • Warm air circulators
  • Industrial pellet steam boiler
  • Wall-mounted Gas Boiler
  • Small sized boiler made of Stainless steel/ iron
  • Stainless steel steam boiler
  • Burner & Spare parts
  • PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer Pipe
  • RPAP5 PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer pipe
  • Stainless Flexible Pipe
  • Under Floor heating Pipe

Advantages of using Kovi boilers

  • Offers two combustion chambers in a boiler
  • Easy use of boiler with automatic control function.
  • High thermal efficiency boiler
  • Wider wood feeding entrance and combustion chamber
  • Saves fuel expenses by using a variety of fuels

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